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Immerse yourself in breathtaking mountain views, embrace the rich culture of Bali, and engage with the warm-hearted villagers in a tranquil, rural setting far from the bustling city life. This tour is not just a physical journey, but a spiritual and cultural adventure too. As you pedal through these pristine landscapes, you’ll gain insights into Bali’s spiritual background and the profound philosophy of its people. Join us for an authentic, enriching experience that goes beyond just sightseeing — it’s a journey for the soul.

WHY CHOOSE Eco Cycling Bali?

Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Experience the untouched splendor of Bali's landscapes. Our cycling route is carefully chosen to showcase the island's majestic mountains, lush rice terraces, and panoramic vistas that will leave you breathless

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Cycling is not just great for the environment; it's great for you! Engage in a healthy, active way to explore, benefiting both your body and mind. The peaceful countryside and serene landscapes also offer a perfect backdrop for mindfulness and relaxation

Cultural Immersion

Our tour provides an intimate look into the daily lives of Balinese people. Visit ancient temples, learn about the island's unique Hindu practices, and witness traditional art forms.

Health and Wellness

In choosing our cycling tour, you're also choosing to respect and preserve the natural environment of Bali. Our tours are designed to be low-impact and eco-friendly, ensuring that we leave the smallest footprint possible while enjoying the beauty of the island

Wondering About Our Eco Cycling Bali?

Check Our FAQ Here!

An Eco Cycling Tour in Bali offers a unique, all-level biking experience through stunning landscapes and cultural sites, blending physical activity with spiritual and environmental insights in a serene, rural setting.

You can register for the Eco Cycling Tour through our website or by contacting our office directly. We provide an online registration form for your convenience.

We recommend bringing comfortable cycling attire, a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle. Bicycles and helmets will be provided by us.

The duration varies, but most of our tours last approximately 3-4 hours, including breaks, an educational session about the environment and approach to the local people.

The Eco Cycling Tour is designed for all levels of biking ability. However, participants should be in good health and able to cycle for the set duration.

No, you do not need to have prior cycling experience. The Eco Cycling Tour is suitable for all levels, and our guides will provide instructions and support throughout the tour.

Participating in the Eco Cycling Tour not only allows you to enjoy nature’s beauty and learn about environmental sustainability, but it also offers a spiritual and cultural adventure, providing insights into Bali’s spiritual heritage and a profound connection with nature, making it a soul-enriching journey beyond mere sightseeing.

Our guides are fluent in both English and Indonesian



Welcome to Bali Eco Cycling, the creation of a close-knit team united by a profound love for Bali, a passion for cycling, and a commitment to sustainable tourism. Our journey began not just as a business venture, but as a heartfelt desire to showcase the natural beauty and cultural richness of Bali in the most authentic and eco-friendly way possible. 


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